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    9801 fallard court, Upper Marlboro MD 20772 (Maryland small arms range)

    PLEASE TEXT 410-350-1540

    Include your Name, and what Fingerprint you need done (HQL, Carry Permit, Nursing, etc)


    Walk in hours 7/5-7/8

    Monday closed

    Tuesday 11-4

    Wednesday 11-4

    Thursday closed

    Friday 11-4


    Closed July 4th!!!






    All Church employees/volunteers are required to get a State/FBI background check. Please call 410-350-1540 to schedule on-site prints at your church. Bigger groups qualify for lower rates!!



    Text, Call, or Email to schedule on-site appointments. 10 or more are required for onsite appointments.






  • Services

    All services are Maryland state certified.


    • Church (Archdiocese-Childcare)
    • Handgun Qualification License (HQL)
    • Security Guard Licensing
    • Concealed Carry Permit
    • Board of Nursing
    • Private Detective Licensing
    • Security Systems Technician
    • Special Police Commission
    • Maryland Board of Physicians
    • Adult Dependent Care
    • Board of Pharmacy
    • Cannabis Commission (Entities & Dispensaries)
    • Child Care Licensing and Dept. of Education
    • Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH)
    • Driver Instructor – Motor Vehicle Administration
    • Individual Review – State of Maryland | FBI
    • Liquor Board Licensing
    • Locksmith Licensing
    • Lottery Commission and Gaming Control
    • Mortgage Licensing and Originator
    • Private Employer Petition
    • Firearms Dealers & Class-3 Transfers
    Notary Services Available Upon Request

    Training Courses

    • Handgun Qualification License (HQL) "Gun Tasting" (Check out our newest offer under the "Gun Tasting" tab!)
    • Carry Permit
    • Maryland Armed Guard Handgun Training and Testing


    Pre-Employment Background

    • Check your potential employees before hiring. 
    • $65 provides a criminal history check sent to your place of business. Call now to schedule! (410-350-1540)
    Police HQL for MD residents
    • Our Men/Women in blue, Fire/EMS and Military personnel deserve the best care I can provide. Please bring your badge/ID or DD-214 and I will handle the application! Thank you for your service.

    2x2 Passport Photos

    $10 for two set of two


    For your convenience you can print and complete this form prior to arrival. Click the button below (document will download automatically). Must be completed by hand.

  • Gun Tastings


    My twist on a firearms safety course.

    Sample a variety of firearms from the working man and ladies gun, to the exotics a collector would own. You'll learn every aspect of the firearms operation including their breakdown procedure, cleaning, proper ammo for use, storage, and of course, shooting them until you feel confident and knowledgeable. We will spend some time in the Vault going over other proven models and laughing at the junk some manufactures try to sell. I will introduce you to the capable salesmen in the store who will eventually assist in your purchase. On buy day they will walk you through all of the forms/state websites. Finally a walk through the store will provide advise on safes, sights, accessories, range gear, and home defense ammunition.

    Class and Safety

    Learn: Handgun safety, proper shooting mechanics, laws, and cleaning. Dry fire practice includes Laser Pistol drills to ensure proper technique is established.


    - GLOCK: 17, 19, 26, 19x, 43x, 48 and

    G17 carbine

    - Smith & Wesson: 686+ revolver,

    - S&W M&P 9 Performance Center

    - Sig Sauer: 226 9mm Dark Elite

    -1911 Springfield A-1 45acp

    - Mossburg: 12 guage tactical

    - LWRC: Enhanced sporting rifle

    - This list is going to grow!

    Prints (optional)

    Live scan prints & application assistance. Finger prints are provided at cost when combined in a tasting. Price fluctuates with current State and Federal fees.

  • Prices

    Fingerprints (live scan)


    (State and FBI fees already included)


    FD-258 (ink)

    $15 per card


    2x2 Photos

    $10 for two sets (Compare to CVS price: $15)

    Private Gun Tasting: Pistols $175


    • 5 pistols of your choice
    • 50 rounds of 9mm
    • Targets (you pick 3)
    • Ear Protection
    • Eye Protection
    • 25 yard shooting lane
    Additional Rifle and Shotgun $50
    15 rounds of .223 and 10 target load
    50 yard shooting lane


    Carry Permit: $300 (includes prints, and application guidance)

    - I am teaching you on either a Glock 19 or 26. I run either of them based on the environment for work and clothing needed for the event.

    - You will be taught to carry the gun HOT! If you don't trust yourself to carry a chambered round, get pepper spray!

    - I will advise on other concealed carry guns if the Glock 19 or 26 are uncomfortable to you.

    - Please have proper clothing or work related gear (good belt that can secure the holster and firearm, comfortable shoes, no loose hanging clothing, call if you have questions). The range has a great clothing store on the 2nd floor if you need anything.

  • General Information

    We will be set up in the 1st floor classroom on your left when you walk in, or in the main lobby. If you have trouble finding us - call Nick (410-350-1540) or ask an employee to get his attention.

    - Average print completion time is currently <5 min

    - Cash or any Credit/Debit is accepted

    - Individuals are welcome to text 24/7 for scheduling. Please include your name and best time for you to be printed and we will get back as quick as possible to confirm your appointment.

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  • Contact Us

    Call or Text 410-350-1540


    9801 Fallard court, Upper Marlboro MD 20772