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    Please see below for information regarding the Pricing for all Prints

    No Appointments, 1st come 1st served.




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    9801 Fallard Court, Upper Marlboro MD 20772 (Maryland Small Arms Range)

    PLEASE TEXT 410-350-1540 Include your Name and what need to be fingerprinted for (HQL, Carry Permit, Nursing, etc)


    Walk-in hours: 7/8-71/14

    Monday: CLOSED

    Tuesday: 10AM-4PM

    Wednesday: 10AM-4PM

    Thursday: 10AM-4PM

    Friday: 10AM-4PM

    Saturday: 10AM-1PM

    Sunday: 10AM-1PM

  • Prices

    Cash, Credit/Debit cards, and Tap to Pay are accepted payment methods

    Fingerprints (Live Scan)

    $65 EACH

    (State and FBI fees already included)

    HQL/MD Carry/Guard/Child care/Nursing etc...


    FD-258 (Ink) $15 per card

    Utah/AZ/VA/Most out of state permits


    Florida has to be done by a Sworn Law Enforcement Officer


    2x2 Photos

    $10 for two sets (Compare to CVS price: $15)

    We do NOT process STATE-ONLY fingerprints!!!

    Due to inconsistencies in provided information and high rates of rejected files, we do not process STATE-ONLY fingerprints such as Individual Review, Adult Dependent Care, RBT, etc. We only process NFUF (STATE & FBI) files that are listed on the CJIS Roster. A list of facilities that can process STATE-ONLY fingerprints is attached below.


    We do NOT process FBI-ONLY fingerprints!!!

    FBI-ONLY Fingerprints are typically handled by USPS at participating Post Office Locations. The link to make an appointment can be found below.


  • Services

    All services are Maryland State-certified.


    • Handgun Qualification License (HQL)
    • Maryland Carry Permit (CCW)
    • Maryland Security Guard
    • Private Detective
    • Security Agency
    • Security Systems Technician
    • Maryland SPO
    • Dept of Education (Childcare)
    • Church (Archdiocese-Childcare)
    • Maryland Board of Nursing (Original & Renewal)
    • Maryland Board of Physicians
    • Board of Pharmacy
    • Cannabis Commission (Entities & Dispensaries)
    • Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH)
    • Driver Instructor – Motor Vehicle Administration
    • Liquor Board Licensing
    • Locksmith Licensing
    • Lottery Commission and Gaming Control
    • Mortgage Licensing and Originator
    • Firearms Dealers & Class-3 Transfers


    2X2 Passport Photos $10 For 4 Photos


    Notary Services Available Upon Request

    For your convienience, you can complete the information sheet ahead of time. Just download, print out, and complete by hand.


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    Call or Text 410-350-1540


    9801 Fallard court, Upper Marlboro MD 20772